Field Connect - your PDA screnn in a Support Software


The field connect is a set of Software solution supporting your clients with a remote desktop view. The administrator can remotly assist your Windows Mobile/Windows CE clients.


There is the:


The Server Software accepting Clients and Operators. After that Clients can send/receive files from the operator/Support center . Additionaly Clients (ScreenCloud Windows CE/Windows Mobile user) and Field_office can share the screen with the administrator.


Key Benefit:

user side :

Administration Side :



Example Screen Shots :


Field Operator 1

The administrator or operator can c the online Clients , and selecting a client can have remote view and chat support

Field Office

* exept the possibility to remote view  the windows mobile devices of your clients can work similar with normal desktops


Field Server

This is the main Server software that accepting clients and administrators! The server software controls the logins and arrange the connection between Clients and operateros.

The software must be installed on a Server that has public IP that is possible clients te connect on it.


Additionaly there is the aplication that is installed in the Mobile/CE devices and can make the connection to the Server.

The PDA must have a connection to the net. This is possible

A) with WIFI

B) GPRS internaly in the PDA

C) with a BT connection to an Cell phone.


The cost for the use of the Program is : 199 $ for 1 year subscription.



VAT is applied in Greece + 23%






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