AccuFlighter is a multicopter designed to meet the specific needs of a field engineer.
AcccuFlighter is the most effective, low cost, tool for area surveillance, installation overview, aerial photography, etc .

AccuFlighter is not a RC toy. AccuFlighter is designed from scratch with the engineer requirements in mind.


AccuFlighter is highly customizable with many options.

Chose the four motor (AF4) configuration for simple tasks, the six (AF6) or eight (AF8) motor configuration for more lift power and fault-tolerant design.

Chose the plastic chassis for typical use or the carbon-fiber chassis to increase payload and flight time.

Chose single operator or dual operatior add-ons. The one operator controls the AccuFlighter and the other operator controls the optional equipment, such as a thermal camera.

Chose Self-protection systems. Auto-land option, auto return to base and many more.


Detailed specifications, add ons and product videos will be available soon.






Note: Sample image of the AF8. The final product appearance will be different, depending on the configuration.

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