MyRTK Field Collection Software For RTK Receivers

MyRTK is a Field Collection Software with an Easy Interface CAD like design.  Ribbon Style menu. Supporting wide Range of RTK receivers. The envoroment is for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

*Google Earth display

*Importing DXF/DWG .

* Save/Stake out Point Lines



Cors Station Softwate Managment Tool - NTRIP server Caster - CORS monitoring

User friendly and power full system ready to support and provide GNSS corrections to your Rovers.

Easly add from one to hundrends CORS station.  Expand your reference network with easy steps. Special design for the minimal effort of the operator and the high availability for the clients!

The Cors Station managment and client managment system is based on a user friently interface. Statistics for performance of server / clients is available also.

RTCM3/CMR protocols automaticly detected and from the Server side is possible to setup Base Cordinates and provide Geoid Informations.

The reference station software automaticly start a web server . Clients and admins can connect and check status and additionaly informations about Servers.

Clients can easy check their status . Statistics , informations are real time available ! Web Interface ready !



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AccuPost Processing GNSS Software

A Graphical Post Processing Software with many futures and high accurancy tool. RINEX  support and RTCM 2.2 and higher . Our New post Porcessing Software will be available at Q2 of 2014 .

Options : a ) dual frequency  GPS

b) dual Frequency GPS/ GLONASS

c) multifrequency GPS/GLONASS/Galilleo




AccuFlighter is a multicopter designed to meet the specific needs of a field engineer.
AcccuFlighter is the most effective, low cost, tool for area surveillance, installation overview, aerial photography, etc .

AccuFlighter is not a RC toy. AccuFlighter is designed from scratch with the engineer requirements in mind.


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Digital Modem -1


The DM-1 is a 0.5-2.0 Watt UHF transceiver designed as an exteternal Module with RS-232 comunication with an external device. Can Transmit either a one- or two-way radio communication link that is configurable for operation between 403 and 473 MHz. This sophisticated radio modem is based on Pacific Crest’s latest generation XDL technology while remaining backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest, Trimble and other products. Integrating the latest modem technology from the leader in radio frequency data communications instantly puts your products in touch with the world’s largest installed base of GNSS precise positioning systems.



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Intergeo 2013

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Intergeo 2012

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Software For Cors Managment

Oct 3, 2012

Software NTrip Casting

Client Connection, Rinex Distribution


Oct 3, 2012

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